Crystal-clear water. In every ocean, from every tap.
That’s what we all want, right?
Bad news. Single-use plastic doesn’t care.

8 million tons

of plastic waste make their way into our oceans every year. This plastic does not decompose. Ever. It just breaks down into smaller pieces.

Every minute

a truckload of plastic waste enters our oceans.

1 million

single-use plastic bottles are purchased in that exact same minute.

Coincidence? We don’t think so. We decided to take action.

Meet the reusable bottle that is putting single-use water bottles out of business.

Ocean-saving device

A Dopper leaves no excuse for single-use water bottles. And did you notice it's a bottle and cup in one? Brilliant.

Sustainable without a doubt

It’s also produced sustainably. And yes, most Doppers are made from plastic. But the kind of plastic you can use again. And again. And again. When you’re done with it - which you probably never will be - it can be fully recycled!

Every bottle helps

Each bottle sold empowers people to choose a reusable water bottle over a single-use one. From education programmes and research to awareness campaigns. It also kick-starts clean drinking water projects in Nepal. Good karma? You bet.

Our bottles on a mission come in a variety of materials, colours and models. So, no matter your style or how you drink your water, there is a Dopper for you!

Our bottles are making an Impact with a capital I

Each bottle is fuelling our various projects. What do we do?

We raise awareness

Our global campaigns are spreading the message to stop plastic pollution and drink from the tap. And one by one, we are creating a movement of changemakers.

We educate others

We offer education programmes and we fund research. To help people see the need for change.

We make a change

We are talking about IMMEDIATE impact. Because we are encouraging individuals and companies alike to drink from the tap. And because we kick-start clean drinking water projects in Nepal.

And the results? So far our initiatives have prevented this many kilos of single-use plastic from entering our oceans. But that's not all.

Slide that slider
to save our oceans

Just see the impact you can make in just the first five years


of plastic waste avoided

disposable bottles

will not be purchased to begin with

happy fish

will jump for joy because we're protecting the oceans

number of people that switched to Dopper
number of people that switched to Dopper

Kudos for reading this long story. Need a little recap? Dopper’s mission is to empower people to choose reusable over single-use water bottles to protect our world’s water sources.

Ready to jump in? Our oceans will thank you.

and to contribute to these cool things
a very very sad earth