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Why do we love going back to school? Because kids have the best outside-the-box ideas that can save our oceans!

We’re not just waiting around for innovation to happen. Watch out next generation of changemakers, we’re coming for you!

Knowledge about an issue underlies its solution. How’s that for a motivational quote? Seriously though, we believe that we need research and education to stop plastic pollution and to solve the world’s clean drinking water issues.

If we teach our kids they need to take care of our oceans, the plastic soup will hopefully one day become part of history class. That doesn’t mean we want to make kids watch sad footage of dying sea turtles and hope for the best. We think that change happens if you’re moved, if you feel motivated and empowered. That’s why we offer educational materials about plastic pollution that are actually fun.

Not the average bedtime story

Stella & Stinky and the plastic soup

Do you want to tell your pupils about plastic pollution, but in a positive way? To make kids enthusiastic about their ability to turn the tide? The book ‘Stella & Stinky and the plastic soup’ written by Christine Algera is a great tool. This story is written for primary school students so either suitable as a book for you to read to your students or to have them read it themselves. Before you know it, the kids are on a trip around the globe with a talking skunk, on a mission to save the oceans. Isn’t that cool?

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Children’s show

Wow, the sea is made of plastic!

Is that a polar bear in the middle of the classroom? Well, weirder things have happened. Dopper and Theater group ‘Droog Water’ offer the children’s show (6+) ‘Wow, the sea is made of plastic!’. Interactive, imaginative and very funny. Probably not what you'd expect of such a serious theme as plastic pollution, right? For more information email to

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Plastic pollution in your classroom

Want a lesson that revolves around plastic pollution without the sad sea turtles and the pointing finger? Well, here’s our positive take on it! Our lessons are super fun and suitable for groups 4-8. But why not have kids inspire each other? With our presentation-kit students will inspire the whole class.

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