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As you might’ve read, Dopper kick-starts clean drinking water projects in Nepal. Why? Glad you asked.

We feel privileged. Whenever we need or want to drink water, it's there.

The delicious nectar of the gods our Doppers love the most, coming straight from our tap. But there are places where drinking from the tap isn't even an option. That's why we are kick-starting clean drinking water projects in Nepal.

Don't take water for granted

Can you imagine waking up at 4 in the morning everyday, and having to walk for hours just to fill a bucket with water and bring it back home? Many people in Nepal spend up to six hours a day fetching water. In that time, they can't go to school or work. But they don't have a choice. You won't last three days without drinking water. On top of which, you can't cook, clean or wash. So, even though this water isn't anywhere near as clean as the water coming from our taps, it will have to do.

Does this make you feel sad? Don't be. Nepal is a country that is vibrating with potential. There is one of the world's largest fresh water sources streaming down from the Himalayas. And local changemakers are eager to make a change. Let's do this!

Don’t believe it? We can show you. Watch the documentary Nepal Stories (made by yours truly) and discover waterful Nepal.

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Making it crystal clear

Dopper in Nepal

Providing access to clean drinking water

Ever since the very first water bottle was sold, Dopper has been donating to the Simavi water projects in Nepal. We are part of the WASH programme. By installing water points and toilets, tens of thousands of Nepalese people now have better access to drinking water and sanitary facilities. We started in the southern district of Ruphendi, and in the Gorkha and Baglung districts. When we teamed up with local partner Sebac, we extended our projects to the Sindhupalchowk and Dolakha districts. We're just getting started!

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Investing in local entrepreneurs

Wherever there are problems, local changemakers are looking to turn these into opportunities. Changemakers like the ones who started Smart Paani. This initiative is building installations that capture and filter rainwater in Kathmandu. Outside of Kathmandu Smart Paani is collecting groundwater and is filtering it with biosand filters to convert it to drinking water. Simple solutions work best, right? That’s why Dopper is collaborating with Smart Paani. We are donating installations to Nepalese schools, which gives about 9,000 students access to clean drinking water by 2020. Second of all, we help Smart Paani grow and reach 9,000 people more by investing and offering our own expertise in for example Marketing or Research and Development.

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