Join the wave against single-use water bottles.

The Dopper Wave

Simple everyday actions. That’s all it takes to prevent large amounts of single-use plastic from entering our oceans. Sound good? Sign the pledge and promise to:

1. Ban single-use plastic water bottles
2. Drink from the tap whenever you can
3. Always bring your own reusable bottle
4. Encourage others to join the Dopper Wave too

You won’t be just a drop in the ocean: you will be a drop in a massive wave. A wave powerful enough to turn the tide. Forceful enough to wash away the plastic trash. A wave with enough impact to actually save our oceans.

Ready to sign? Click below. Or keep on scrolling for more details and inspiration. (And then sign.)

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By signing the pledge, you promise to:

Ban single-use plastic water bottles

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Drink from the tap whenever you can

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Always bring your own reusable bottle

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Encourage others to join the Dopper Wave too

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Convinced? Of course you are.

The drops in our wave so far


Thanks to the 0 individuals and 0 organisations with their visitors and employees, who have already joined

The wavemakers

See these faces? This is what ocean-saving heroes look like. To add yours, sign the pledge and upload your #DopperWave picture.

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Eight people, eight stories, one call for action.

Meet some of the faces featured in our Dopper Wave film. With simple, everyday actions, they are making a difference. Watch their stories, and simply start yourself.

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TOMS increases impact by signing the Dopper Wave

A BIG fish just joined our Wave against single-use plastic water bottles. Meet Dopper Wave member TOMS: the shoe company that’s making a difference –one shoe at a time.

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Ocean-saving news: Dutch department store de Bijenkorf saves 65,000 single-use plastic bottles. Every single year.

As of September 2020, the luxury department store chain in The Netherlands is proud part of the Dopper Wave against single-use water bottles.

Do you have a moment? talk about the refill revolution?

Whether you’re still contemplating to take the pledge or you’ve made up your mind. We’d like to introduce you to the Dopper Water Tap. This innovative device is created to change the way we drink - and tap - water by measuring the amount of single-use plastic saved, and impact made. All while adding some flair to your place of work. It’s the perfect tool to achieve your sustainability goals, don’t you think?

Well, we’ll let you get back to what you were doing - signing the Wave ;-). And after that…

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