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At Dopper, sustainability is in our drinking water.

If someone asks “what’s Dopper?” please, PLEASE, don’t say “That’s a water bottle company”.

Dopper is empowering people to choose reusable over single-use water bottles, to protect our world's waters. Fighting plastic pollution, one single-use water bottle at a time. But if you want to know exactly what we’re doing, check out our mission page. If you want to know more about how it started and our life as a B Corp (and what that is) read on.

The beginning of the bottle

“I once saw a shocking documentary about the huge amount of plastic that manages to make its way into our oceans, where it changes into a giant garbage patch that resembles plastic soup. I also noticed how many single-use plastic water bottles are thrown away every day, even though in many countries the best drinking water simply comes from the tap. This certainly made me feel uncomfortable. I just had to do something about it!”

We've all seen those documentaries about the plastic soup. But instead of just feeling shocked and moving on, our founder Merijn Everaarts, decided to take action. He started to wonder: why would you buy bottled water, when you have excellent water coming straight from your tap?

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To find the perfect alternative


In January 2010, Merijn launched a design competition for the perfect sustainable water bottle, Rinke van Remortel’s design won and BANG! In 2010 the Dopper Original saw the light of day.

Out of nearly 100 entries, Delft University of Technology alumnus Rinke van Remortel’s design was chosen. Because of its unique three part design, the bottle is easy to keep clean and durable. Did you notice it's a bottle and cup in one? Brilliant. And if you turn it upside down, to rest on it's white cup, you are putting water on a pedestal. So cool, we just got chills.

Dopper launched on October 10th, 2010 – “Sustainability Day” in the Netherlands. From there, this ocean-saving water bottle has started its quest to spread the message to the rest of the world.

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Making an Impact with a capital I

Everything we do gets us closer to our mission. We do feel that as a company, you have a responsibility towards the world and you have to make sure your actions help our planet (and people) stay healthy.

That’s why Dopper is a certified B Corporation: we use business as a force for good. This shines through in all our company’s sustainability practices.

Want to know more?

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Human rights policy

We exist to make positive impact. That includes being a great place to work and guaranteeing that our team and the people employed by our partners can do their job safely and are treated fairly. That’s the promise we make by adhering to the full amfori BSCI Code of Conduct, and only working with business partners who do the same.

Our Code of Conduct is guided by the eight Fundamental Conventions of the International Labour Organization and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, as well as the International Bill of Human Rights.

Want to know more? View the Code of Conduct summary below.

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A Great Place to Work

There’s more to Dopper than sustainability and bottles. Dopper is also a great place to work. Literally. We won an award for it. Here’s ten reasons why. Already convinced? How about joining our team!

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