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The bottle is just the start. Have a look at all the projects you fuel when you purchase a Dopper bottle. And the ways we are hacking the system to create a better world.

We raise awareness

Global warming isn’t real and the plastic soup is a bedtime story. People, wake up and smell the polyethylene terephthalate! We are sending a message with cool collaborations and kick-ass activations all across the world.

7% is not enough

Did you know the current government and industry commitments only reduce the amount of plastic waste in our oceans by 7%?

That is why on November 9th, we were in Brussels to deliver a letter with one demand: an EU ban on single-use plastic water bottles. With almost 500,000 drops in our Wave and partners who have stepped up to fight for cleaner oceans.

Eye to eye with the plastic soup

The plastic soup is a dark secret, hidden far away in our oceans. Out of sight and out of mind. Until now. We put a sample of the plastic soup on display in a museum. And asked visitors to do their part for our oceans.

Cross the bridge

Every minute, more than 1 million single-use water bottles are purchased worldwide. To paint you a picture: that’s the amount that would be needed to build the Brooklyn Bridge out of plastic bottles! Dopper actually went to New York and built a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge out of thousands of single-use water bottles. On World Oceans Day we invited people to cross the bridge into a plastic-free world. And this bridge was just the start...

Travel green, protect our blues

Dopper opened the 'Water Gate Experience' at Schiphol Airport. More than a million people from 180 different nationalities were inspired to drink tap water on their travels. Reminding them that, wherever they travel, to enjoy our waters and protect them from plastic. There are 39 countries in which tap water is a truly safe thirst quencher. And we provided tips and tricks on what you can do when straight from the tap isn't an option.

We educate

Plastic pollution is a big-ass problem. But if you know more about it, you might be able to solve it, right? We believe so. That’s why we are helping the next generation of changemakers get off to a good start.

Start in primary school

Sad sea turtles, struggling dolphins and plastic filled whales sound depressing. Don’t worry, we created an educational kit for primary schools that gets kids excited about plastic pollution, because we teach them what they can do about it.

Changemaker Challenge Junior

The Changemaker Challenge Junior is an epic competition for primary school students in the the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Nepal. Based on the 'learning by designing' method from Designathon Works, these students (ages 8 to 12) will come up with, build and present their solutions that influence the behavior of people regarding single-use plastics. This means they will get acquainted with the Sustainable Development goals in a cool way.

We make a change

We're talking about IMMEDIATE impact. By encouraging people to drink tap water from a reusable water bottle. And by kick-starting clean drinking water projects.

Join our wave

It’s here. The Dopper Wave. Our very own magic trick that turns everyday people, organisations and events into ocean-saving heroes. For with simple everyday actions you can prevent large amounts of single-use plastic from entering our oceans. How to join? Simply promise to:

1. Ban single-use plastic water bottles
2. Drink from the tap whenever you can
3. Always bring your own reusable bottle
4. Inspire others to join the Dopper Wave too

Ocean-saving device

We came up with the most sustainable alternative to single-use water bottles: the Dopper bottle. Most sustainable? That's right! Our Dopper Originals are Cradle to Cradle certified at the Silver Level. And even when we ship our bottles, we are choosing the most sustainable route. We are part of the GoodShipping Programme to make 100% renewable fuels the new standard in oversea shipments!

Making an impact in Nepal

We created a bottle for tap water, but we're well aware that drinking from the tap is not even an option for a lot of people. In Nepal, only 60,99% of the population has access to a basic level of drinking water services. Dopper wants to change those numbers. That's why we kick-start clean drinking water projects together with our partners Simavi and Smart Paani.

Want to help?

Every sold bottle fuels these projects. Get your bottle on a mission.

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