Key impact made by Dopper users, ambassadors, partners and the team: the year in a seashell.

Growing the Wave

Welcome to our Annual Impact Report 2021. If you’re wondering what we got up to in 2021, you’re in the right place. We look back on a year that seemed to both last forever and be over in a flash. A year in which our Wave of change grew to new heights, thanks to incredible partnerships, eye-catching activations, and… you.

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At the risk of sounding like a bad Oscar speech, we'd really like to thank you. To all our partners, ambassadors and Dopper bottle users who’ve joined our Wave of change against single-use plastic water bottles: here’s what you helped make reality in 2021.

Cheers to you.

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Your impact

2021 in numbers

Small, everyday actions can save large amounts of single-use plastic from our oceans. Here's the proof. In 2021, 1,985,452 people bought or received a Dopper bottle, empowering them to choose reusable over single-use plastic water bottles. According to impact research from 2017, each Dopper bottle user saves at least 5 kilograms worth of single-use plastic water bottles over the bottle's lifetime.

That means in 2021, Dopper users saved our oceans from 9,927,260 kilograms of single-use plastic waste.

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With our partners Simavi and SmartPaani we provide safe water and education in Nepal. In 2021, projects helped 7,416 Nepalis gain access to safe drinking water, but Covid-19 lockdowns and floods halted additional planned work. Instead, the local team provided emergency aid and focused on immediate water and hygiene needs during Covid-19. Click below to learn how we're realising our vision of crystal clear water. In every ocean, from every tap.

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In 2021, you grew the Dopper Wave to more than 500,000 people. When you heard that global commitments (including new EU measures) only reduce the amount of plastic waste entering our oceans by 7%, you signed the pledge and took action. On behalf of the half a million Wave members we went to Brussels to demand a ban on single-use plastic water bottles. Because 7% is not enough.

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Single-use water bottles? Not on your watch. In 2021, 350 organisations and 3,800 individuals signed the Dopper Wave, banning single-use plastic water bottles from their premises and lives. From Hockey Club HGC to payment provider Adyen, from furniture store RAUM-BLICK to Saxion Hogeschool and from pro footballer Siem de Jong to bicycle provider Swapfiets, all of them became drops in the Wave. The Wave growing big enough to actually save our oceans.

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Because every drop counts

'Start today'

“There's a transformation happening. More and more people are becoming aware of the damage single-use plastic is doing to our environment. In 2021 we put all our efforts into accelerating change by growing the Dopper Wave to half a million drops. We let your voices be heard by the EU, demanding a ban on single-use plastic water bottles, now. The only way forward is to start today. Because every drop counts."

Virginia Yanquilevich, CEO Dopper

Our mission

Dopper's mission is empowering people to choose reusable over single-use plastic water bottles, to protect our world’s oceans.  

Want to know more? Check out our mission page or let Merijn Everaarts tell you why he founded Dopper back in 2009.